Polarization Maintaining Narrowband Filters

Fibrain Polarization Maintaining (PM) Narrowband Filters made in Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology, can be used in DWDM transmission in the C- band.  The filter is made with PANDA fiber, available with on both ends with high-quality ferrule, typically FC/APC or FC/UPC connector terminations. PM Filters DWDM are characterized with high extinction ratio polarization PER, high channel isolation, low insertion loss and excellent environmental stability and reliability. Standard keying according to the slow axis, can be changed at the Customer’s requirement. They can be applied for example in quantum transmission, channel Add/Drop, fiber sensors.

  • High Extinction Ratio
  • Narrow passband
  • Tunable central wavelength
  • High channel isolation
  • High stability and reliability
  • Low insertion loss
Technical Data


   1 available channel spacing 50 and 200 GHz

   2 without connector terminations

   PM filters in other standards available upon individual Customer order.


  • Quantum transmission
  • DWDM transmission
  • Channel ADD/DROP
  • CATV Fiber Optic System
  • Fiber Sensor
  • Measurements devices
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