Structural health monitoring with optical fibers. A Danish case study
October 23, 2020

The more demanding a building or structure, the more pressing the need for their accurate and reliable monitoring. Traditionally, structural health monitoring (SHM) utilized wire strain gauges or tensometers which have often problems providing sufficient spatial resolution or good response dynamic. With the advent of fiber optic-based monitoring these problems are now easily overcome. Truly distributed, ultra-fast sensors are now available for strain, as well as temperature monitoring. These sensors make typically use of Stimulated Raman (SRS), Brillouin (SBS) or Rayleigh scattering. With the leading Nordic construction and SHM testing specialists Fibrain has recently completed an interesting project, where a high-rise building was constructed in Copenhagen on the piece of land reclaimed from the sea. Take part in this journey and have a look at some truly breath-taking pictures! Click here

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