MFD and NA converting patchcords
October 21, 2020

Ever needed to connect elements in your experimental setup with widely varying requirements regarding the numerical aperture (NA) or mode field diameter (MFD)? Perhaps your emitter has a very small area but then the FBG is written in a standard fiber and you really cannot afford those pesky power losses due to mode mismatch? We have a solution for you. Fibrain mode conversion patchcords can adjust the NA and MFD as you need it and they look just like a standard patchcord. The whole magic happens inside, from the user point of view they just need to use a standard fiber optic patchcord, with clearly marked connectors. The excess loss due to modal conversion is typically very low, while still maintaining strict single-mode regime. Almost any connector type and any fiber types combinations are possible. Just an example: it could be UHNA4/FC APC on one side, SM1950/E2000 UPC on the other side. Similarly, the length is customizable.